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Cheri and Sage are 100% responsible for this. We were talking about anime we used to watch as teens and then Yu-Gi-Oh came up and I forgot this sexy fucker existed and that made me wanna draw him. I’ll finish it eventually.

This picture… pretty amazing. xD

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8 Heartbreaking Photos That Show The Unbreakable Bond Between Lades’ Code EunB & RiSe



Since the tragic car accident that has now claimed the lives of 2 Ladies’ Code members, stories have begun emerging about the friendship of the members.

In particular, EunB and RiSe, the two girls who passed away, shared an almost unbreakable bond. In numerous interviews, photos, and interactions fans have seen who close the two have become since their debut. The two debuted together in 2013, and as the older of the two, RiSe took it upon herself to ensure that EunB was taken care of. 

Koreaboo put together some photos that really showed how close the two were, to remember them as the happy girls they were, full of promise and dreams. 

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